About Us

aboutimage001Unemployment Benefit Specialists of New Mexico is a professional, knowledgeable, and efficient alternative for NM Residents and Employers in need of personal one-on-one assistance with their unemployment insurance program needs.  It is a privately-owned local company founded by Michelle Spencer, a long time New Mexico resident with years of governmental work experience.  She has a true passion to educate, assist, and resolve the needs of the public through the sometimes complicated processes involved in governmental public service programs.  While working as a public servant for the State of New Mexico, as well as the Federal Government, she assisted the public with concerns including, but not limited to, claims processing, benefit payment control processing, unemployment tax concerns, and technical program service needs.  She understood the transitional needs of governmental agencies to move to more technological interpersonal communication via the internet and call-center environments to assist a larger mass of the public with their public service needs, yet she still saw the need for the traditional face-to-face interactions with the non-technological savvy individuals needing educational and/or administrative assistance on the actions and processes required to receive help. With that, Mrs. Spencer saw an opportunity to assist the public minority and provide an in-person friendly unemployment process experience.

Hence, Unemployment Benefit Specialists of New Mexico was established.

Our Mission

Unemployment Benefit Specialists of New Mexico is committed to Educating, Assisting, and Resolving issues and concerns surrounding unemployment insurance program needs of the public in an unparalleled customer service friendly environment.